Kampala, Uganda
08-10 December 2017

Queer KIFF

Queer Kampala International Film Festival






Three Days of Powerful Films

QUEER KAMPALA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (QKIFF) is the first queer film festival to be held in Uganda. QUEERKIFF celebrates the diversity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersex and Queer communities by providing spaces where Queer films are screened, discussed and celebrated.

For the first time in homophobic Uganda, a festival celebrating and reinforcing the right to be LGBTQI was held. Against all odds, the creative Queer KIFF team laid strategies to beat the stern security and anti homo communities. The inaugural Queer Kampala International Film Festival was held  9th – 11th, December 2016 at different venues in the country’s capital, Kampala.

Measures included security screening of attendees, keeping the venues secret and mobile daily. The attendants had to go to a different venue in the morning and afternoon. Venues were announced within hours to the event. Encouragingly, the LGBTIQ community, supporters and sympathizers hung in there and religiously followed us to the different venues attracting a turn up of 800 visitors with in a space of three days.

We are excited to announce the second edition scheduled for the 8th – 10th, December 2017. We are already accepting film submissions and be sure it will happen as our think tank is laying strategies to mitigate associated risks.

Together, we can end victimization of the LGBTIQ community using social justice film-making, a tested and proven effective tool in changing hearts, minds, and laws!!

The Festival

December 8-10
Venues TBD



With great appreciation to the following individuals for their generous support:

Planet Ally
Planet Ally is an Asia-Pacific focused multimedia platform empowering LGBTI and ally advocacy online, on the ground and when traveling. We want to live on a planet of allies!
Learn more at: www.planetally.org

Tranz Network Uganda Limited
Tranz Network Uganda Limited is a network of persons and organizations that work with transgender and gender non-conforming persons. The network currently has four member organizations. We provide a safe and open space
for all TGNC persons in Uganda. Learn more at: www.tranznetwork.org

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About Queer KIFF

  1. Pushing for Legal Reforms through expanding the network of LGBTIQ advocates, supporters and activists who can lobby the relevant authorities and stakeholders particularly politicians who are attracted by numbers 

  2. Preventing Discrimination of the LGBTIQ Community through creating awareness to the general populace about the LGBTIQ Community. This is done with an aim of changing perceptions and attitudes of the general populace thus reducing stigma and discrimination against the LGBTIQ community.

  3. Promoting Production of Quality LGBTIQ Films by providing spaces where their films can be exhibited as well as recognizing and awarding the brave film makers who dare to tell the suppressed LGBTIQ stories.

Our Goals: